You’ve landed at my art & illustration online portfolio!

I draw & paint myth & wonder, enchanted souls, and magical beings!  Beings we perhaps wish we were,  or used to know as children, and feelings unseen but felt, magic invisible but known!  Faeries, sprites, mermaids, witches, dragons, goddesses, spirits, and more!

I live in San Diego, CA in a cottage with a workshop & art studio, surrounded by fairy gardens and inspiration, real and imagined!  I’ve been told often that apparently I forgot to grow up, and am sometimes chastised because I function on the premise that magic is real.

Well…it only isn’t, if you don’t BELIEVE!  …And I DO!

My art has been published and appeared in two art books, and in several online magazines.  I have also painted many, many commissioned works for interested parties.

Thanks for stopping by!

Carol Ochs (like “Oaks”)